Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel) wrote in sacred_damned,
Hexeengel Liebeslied

Hey folks, I'm looking for opinions and resources for a story idea, hope that's alright to post here...

Many mythologies say that drinking dead blood kills a vampire. But, what about vampires drinking from each other? Or from a dhampir? Would it amount to nothing? Would there be a "transfer of power" type deal, if one vampire were stronger/older/had special powers than the other?

I realize I can probably just make up the rules for this, but I wanted to know if there's any basis at all for the idea. Thanks all :)

ETA: I'm not concerned about sustinence here, only powers and abilities. If a sharing occurred, how long would that last? One night, till they sleep? Depends on the vamps/how much is drunk? What if they did the whole exchange, wherein the older/more powerful/specially-powered vamp takes the other's blood then gives it back, as though creating a new vampire? What if they had an arrangement for regular sharing/transfusions, would new powers gradually integrate?


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